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Saving Money with the Mail-Order Pharmacy: Give it a Try!

Open Enrollment for 2012 is October 15 through
 December 7, 2011.

  You may recall a very popular 1970s TV commercial for Life Cereal, in which two brothers are discussing “some cereal” that’s “supposed to be good for you.” Neither wants to give it a try, so they push it toward their little brother, Mikey. Turns out little Mikey, who supposedly hates everything, really likes it.

For many seniors enrolled in Medicare prescription drug plans, a similar scenario often plays out. You may be constantly bombarded by letters from your plan telling you that switching to a mail-order pharmacy is good for you because it will help youlower your out-of-pocket costs and delay entering the Coverage Gap (donut hole). But you’re reluctant to give it a try for various reasons (procrastination, perhaps?) so you toss the information in the garbage.

I have to admit I was a little hesitant to try my mail-order pharmacy at first, simply because I didn’t want to deal with the paperwork involved. I thought it would be a hassle to switch my one prescription from my favorite retail pharmacy, but when I used my plan’s price comparison tool on its website and discovered I would pay $100 less a month with mail, I immediately made the switch. 

Guess what? It wasn’t a hassle at all! The customer service rep did all the work for me–she even called the doctor with my permission to get my prescription–and in a few days my medication arrived in a secure package in my mailbox.

Today I have nothing but good things to say about my mail-order pharmacy. I can order up to a 3-month supply of my medication for a lot less money than a 30-day supply at the local pharmacy. My drugs arrive in my mailbox, so I don’t have to drive to the pharmacy and use up gas or wait 15 minutes in line. (There’s never a line at my mailbox!)

If I have to work late, I don’t have to worry about the pharmacy closing before I get home — after all, my mailbox never closes!  And If I have a question about my medication I can call my plan and talk to a pharmacist any hour of the day, for as long as I want, without having to worry that I’m holding up the line. Best of all, my mail-order pharmacy sends me automatic refill reminders by e-mail, and I can order refills online.

I like to tell my friends and family that switching to mail order is like the switch we all made from typewriters to computers. Many of us were reluctant to try computers because switching required us to change our ways and learn a new skill. But wasn’t it wonderful once we got the hang of the Internet, e-mail, word processing, and Facebook? We like it! Hey Mikey!


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